Seubert Inc. 

"For All Your Livestock Needs" 

The Seubert name has been trusted & respected in the livestock industry since 1952. Collectively, we operate Seubert Inc., & Dorchester Hog Market, LLC. and have been in the livestock and trucking business for three generations. We know all sides of our business from supplier to consumer and have worked hard to set up an extensive network of those who raise livestock to meet consumer demands. We specialize in Custom Calf Buying, Angus Beef, Market Hogs, BueLingo Beef, Roaster Hogs, Holstein Beef, Sausage Sows, Rose Veal, Market Goat, and Market Lamb. Call us today!

Mike Seubert - President

Julie Seubert - Vice President

Jim Meyer - General Manager 

Todd Baker - Farm Manager